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How to get in at SMS digital as a developer

The first step towards your career at SMS digital is to apply for a job – however, this does not always have to follow the conventional pattern. We place our job advertisements on job platforms such as LinkedIn, Xing or Stepstone as well as on the career page of our website. Our colleagues then often share them with their own professional networks. In this way, we also receive applications through personal recommendations.

How does the recruiting process work?

Of course, we are looking to keep the application process as fast and as compact as possible. That is why we try to limit the time between application and recruitment to just a few weeks. If we are convinced by your application, we will contact you as quickly as possible and arrange an appointment for a personal meeting. If everything fits during our first meeting, we will get an impression of your knowledge and skills.

Is there an aptitude test?

At SMS digital, we develop first-class software. To do so, we need first-class employees. To find out whether an applicant has got what it takes, we have established a coding challenge. The coding challenge is equivalent to an aptitude test and provides us with information on your current skills. It can be tackled in a programming language of your choice and must be completed within one week. Based on the result, we can determine which problem-solving strategies you use and how you approach various issues. The coding challenge forms the basis for what we learn about you. It allows us to see whether a potential new employee is a good fit for our developer team. Once you have successfully completed your coding challenge, we will introduce you to your future team and consult with the developer teams – because at SMS digital, we make important decisions as a team.

Does SMS digital support lifelong learning?

We are committed to an open and innovative learning culture that focuses on our employees and their individual strengths. For this reason, each department decides individually whether a new employee will work as a front-end, back-end or full-stack developer. Our employees are our most important asset. That is why we offer individual possibilities for further training and lifelong learning as well as opportunities for their personal development. We attach great importance to attractive working conditions and, in particular, to the further professional development of each individual. Developers, and of course all employees from other fields, get the opportunity to regularly upgrade their skills and qualifications in further training courses, for example on programming languages or agile working methods. We want our employees to stay up to date on the latest methods and technologies.

Are career changers also considered?

To start your career with us as a developer, you do not necessarily need a degree in computer science from a renowned university. For us, your skills and the desire to program and learn new things are more important than degrees or certificates. Whether you have acquired your competences at a university or at home through self-discipline does not make any difference to us – as long as you can convince us that you have the right skills.

We are as transparent as possible right from the start and throughout the entire application process. We will openly discuss with you our industry in the B2B segment, your future fields of work and further details. Here, it is particularly important for us to find out whether you are really interested in the industry and the subject matter.

Sounds great! Where can I apply?

Are you interested in joining us? We are glad to hear that! Click here to apply for a current job posting or feel free to contact Magdalena Kalinowski if you have any questions. We wish you every success!

Madita Bayer
Marketing & Communications
SMS digital GmbH