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Tim’s career path at SMS digital

Building a foundation

In 2019, I kickstarted my professional journey with a three-month internship at SMS digital in the Metallurgical Applications department. My first interaction with SMS digital was during my bachelor studies, where I witnessed firsthand the development process of digital services and applications. This experience provided me with valuable insights into this field's practical aspects and motivated my continued journey in SMS.

Throughout my internship, I gained vast knowledge and experience, particularly in data engineering and analysis, which has helped prepare me for my master's thesis. It was also fascinating to watch the growth and development of a young and agile company from its startup stage.

As an industrial engineer, I needed to have a factual IT background. Therefore, I familiarized myself with the company, its products, and its processes. SMS digital allowed me to do so independently and to visit different departments of the SMS group for an extended period. I was granted much freedom, which also helped me prepare optimally for my master's thesis.

From intern to project manager

When I started my internship, I was not sure if I could work on my master's thesis topic because it was utterly unfamiliar to me. However, my experience with SMS digital taught me that confidence in new subjects and manageable challenges is essential.

After completing my master's thesis in 2020, I joined SMS digital's sales department as a Technical Sales Manager. My main responsibility was to oversee the sales activities related to Asset Optimization, a particular part of the solution portfolio of SMS digital. As of 2023, I now hold the position of Project Manager Sales within the sales department. My role involves managing larger sales projects encompassing a wider range of digital solutions.

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