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Working at SMS digital: Interview with Philipp

How was your career path progressing during your studies?

During my mechanical engineering course, I realized I would not reinvent the wheel in the traditional job market for mechanical engineers. As a result, I decided to focus on digitalization, which allowed me to gain valuable insights into the industry and enhance my problem-solving skills. In my internship, I developed a database application for an automotive supplier in the USA, which I continued to focus on during my bachelor's thesis in manufacturing engineering. For my master's thesis, I created an Android application that assists employees at a semiconductor manufacturer during the production process. After completing my studies, I joined SMS digital.

What was your initial job role when you started working at SMS digital? Has it changed over time?

I started my professional journey at SMS digital, working in project management and sales. Although my time in this role was brief, it was a valuable experience as I interacted with many products and experts within the company. After just six weeks, I was offered a position as a Product Owner, where I worked alongside a skilled Scrum team and experienced specialists to develop a new application. Today, I hold the position of Lead Project Manager.

Describe your job at SMS digital in one sentence.

The combination of digital expertise and massive steel plants quickens my heart as a mechanical engineer.

What fascinates you about this industry?

I am impressed by how effectively and seamlessly experts from different nationalities work together. In my team, there are representatives from different countries.

Which aspects of traveling for international business do you find exciting?

Our applications are developed in close collaboration with our customers. This involved traveling to the USA several times to conduct a two-week workshop with the customer. Finally, I was able to commission the MVP over six weeks. The best way to build a strong relationship is over some delicious ribs, wings, and beer.

How do you feel about your role at SMS digital, and how do you rate your opportunities to contribute your ideas actively?

My work is demanding, international, communicative, flexible, and exciting. I specifically value that my preferences are always considered and that I was given a chance to take up responsibility at an early stage. Right from the start, I could propose my own suggestions and actively contribute to creating innovative solutions for problems.

How do you rate the team spirit among your colleagues? Do you also get together after work?

My colleagues and supervisors have repeatedly proved I can rely on them in challenging situations. Any arising conflicts are addressed openly, notably in reviews, and handled professionally. This transparency fosters trust and a sense of being part of a team, even when physical proximity is impossible. Therefore, it is always refreshing to catch up with colleagues in the Düsseldorf city center after work from time to time.

What advice would you give to future colleagues?

When searching for a job, it is essential to focus on the tasks and responsibilities you will be handling in the future instead of getting distracted by other factors like the company's location or whether it is a trainee position. Use the job application process as an opportunity to research the companies you are interested in thoroughly.

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